Electric Scooter Maintenance – 10 Things you must Do

Have you ever thought of the benefits of your commuter’s regular maintenance if you own one? If yes, it is needless to say that there are as many as one can even imagine.

It is said that owning a vehicle (in decent condition) requires much more from the owner than buying it. And the reason is quite apparent. Like any of your other possessions, they require maintenance regularly.

The same stands true for electric scooters. Although their maintenance is not as laborious as conventional vehicles, it still requires your substantial input.

So we are furnishing here a detailed guide about all you need to do to maintain your electric scooter, possible expenditures for that, and consequent advantages.

electric scooter maintenance

General benefits of electric scooter maintenance

Over time, moving parts of all mechanical objects will wear down or break. So they need repair and maintenance on a regular basis.

As we said above, due maintenance of vehicles is advantageous in many ways. We have listed a few for e-scooters as follows:

  • Longer Life: This point is not only valid for electric scooters but all machines. Proper maintenance will let them last for much longer before you need to scrap them.
  • Enhanced mileage: If you look after the hub motor and battery appropriately and adapt their SOPs, it can significantly extend the range of electric scooters.
  • Faster speed: Regular cleaning and lubrication of the scooter and care of its motor and battery can bring up much better speed.
  • Lower expenditure for repairs: If you pay attention to minor repair and maintenance tasks, the need to spend on major repairs will be much less likely.
  • More safety: This matter mainly pertains to brakes and lights. Their adequate maintenance can make your ride safer.
  • Better resale value: After a certain period, you might feel done with your existing electric scooter and look to buy a new one. And when it comes to selling a used vehicle, nobody would like to pay you a handy amount if it is not in reasonable condition. So due care of the scooter can considerably increase its reselling price.

Things to do to maintain the electric scooter

Most electric scooters come with their maintenance manuals. You should follow them in letter and spirit to keep your device in a healthy condition.

Many things need to be done regularly to keep an electric scooter in tip-top shape. Some of these tasks are simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.

However, a few things can be very lengthy and cumbersome.

So following are our electric scooter maintenance tips.

What you can do at home

1. Clean the scooter regularly

The simplest task you can do is keep your e-scooter neat and clean, just like you keep yourself.

Whenever you are back from a ride, inspect your vehicle thoroughly. You might witness dust, mud, small leaves, and other wastes sticking to it.

Clean your machine well with a dry or mildly wet cloth or duster. Be sure that no unwanted external materials are sticking to any part of it.

Do not forget to wash the scooter thoroughly with a high-pressure water jet after a suitable time. If you use it frequently on unmetalled, rough, and slushy tracks, we recommend you do that at least once a week.

Observe various parts of your scooters for rust; if you find some, clean it with a liquid like WD-40.

Micromobility electric scooters are not that bulky. So you do not need to take them to a service station for washing even if you are pretty lazy.


Firstly, keeping the scooter neat and clean will make its body less vulnerable to corrosion and subsequent wear and tear.

The paint on the machine will remain intact for longer and provide more aesthetic appeal.

Clearing wheels and the motor from unwanted materials can increase your electric scooter’s speed and range.

Cost involved

You can do all the cleaning work of your e-scooter at home perfectly. So you do not need to spend anything on that.

2. Recharge the battery as per SOP

Electric scooters may carry one or multiple batteries.

Many users charge their scooters in a casual way. As a result, the battery dies considerably before completing its due life.

To get a longer battery life and avoid the cost of its replacement, charging must be done appropriately.

Manufacturers furnish guidelines about charging batteries in their instruction manuals. Not following them may be heavy on your pocket as you might need to replace the battery much earlier.

Generally, the recommended time for first-time charging is more than usual. The exact time, however, is prescribed by the Company.

Overcharging is quite threatening for the batteries, and so is emptying them.

So never charge your e-scooter overnight as long as not advised by the vendor. Also, make sure you plug in the charger before the battery gets fully drained.

electric scooter charging


As we said, smartly charging the battery will extend its useful life and save you significant expenditure.

Cost involved

It wouldn’t cost you even a single buck but will require you to be disciplined and caring about your device.

3. Inflate tires properly

Maintaining adequate air pressure in the tires highly affects your vehicle’s performance.

If you keep the pressure too low, not only will the machine get sluggish, but the tires will be highly vulnerable to punctures.

On the other hand, too high air pressure may also lead to deterioration in performance and tire bursts.

So always try to inflate the tire to the appropriate pressure as recommended by the brand.

You can use either an electronic or manual air inflator pump for that purpose.

e-scooter tire inflation


Apt air pressure in the tires boosts the scooter’s performance and extends the tires’ life.

Cost involved

If you already have an air compressor pump, there is no need to spend anything. If you don’t, you can purchase a manual inflator for $15 to $20 and a battery-based pump for $35 to $40.

4. Store your scooter in a safe place

Electric scooter maintenance requires a good look after from the user.

Always make sure you keep your e-scooter at an appropriate place after finishing your ride.

A dry place with minimum moisture is best suited as it will protect your device from rusting.

Also, there should be a minimal inflow of dust particles. Keeping it in a waterproof and air-tight cover is ideal.


These cautions will prevent your vehicle from rusting and dust deposition at various parts.

Cost involved

Absolutely no cost is going to be incurred.

5. Lubricate various parts

Some e-scooters have a chain like conventional fuel-based motorcycles. In such a case, you need to lubricate it to minimize friction. Grease or several other lubricants available may be used for that purpose.

Similarly, it is good to oil other moving parts of the vehicle like axles to make it more efficient.


Lubrication not only boosts the performance of machines but also extends the life of their parts by minimizing friction.

Cost involved

You can get lubricants in various packings, and the price will vary accordingly. In most cases, it won’t cost you more than 10 to 20 dollars or so.

6. Tighten the Brakes

If your scooter features a cabled hand brake, it may loosen with time. You can tighten it yourself by rotating the screw installed for that purpose.

But if your scooter has an electric or drum brake not functioning efficiently, you would need to visit a workshop.


It’s all self-explanatory. It will save your commuter from accidental damages and more importantly, protect you.

Cost involved

Keeping brakes in a reliable condition is essential for electric scooter maintenance. In the case of cable-connected hand bake, you wouldn’t need to do any expenditure.

But if you need to get the drum or electric brakes repaired by a technician. it may cost you $20 to $50, depending on the work required.

7. Understand your scooter’s waterproofing certification

Almost all famous scooter companies provide an IP rating for their products. It shows how resistant the vehicles are to water.

Your scooter will have a specific rating from IPX0 to IPX9. The higher the number, the more your commuter will be water-resistant.

So go through the information about your machine’s IP rating carefully and use it under wet conditions accordingly.


Following the instructions regarding IP certification is very crucial for your e-scooter maintenance. It will prevent the device from damage to its frame as well as to its electric circuits.

Cost involved

Won’t cost you whatsoever. But if you behave carelessly, that’s another thing.

What you need to get done from the market

8. Replace the battery when needed

Once you notice that the battery powering your scooter is no longer healthy enough, consider replacing it ASAP.

And how much is the normal battery life? Well, it depends. But the loss of battery life is a gradual process, so it shouldn’t be thunderstruck for you.

Modern electric scooters have an incredibly wide range of specifications, and thus manufacturers install batteries accordingly.

Roughly speaking, it might vary from 3,000 to 10,000 miles provided your machine is not too cheap.


A healthy battery will deliver you longer mileage and solid performance.

Cost involved

We have told you earlier that battery capacity differs with every scooter model depending on its features. For example, if you buy a 1000$ electric scooter, its battery may cost you around $100 to $150.

You can safely install a battery stronger than the one your scooter comes with originally. It will enhance its performance significantly.

But remember that high-quality batteries are significantly costly. So you will need to keep an eye on your pocket as well.

Generally, the price of e-scooter batteries ranges from $50 to as high as more than $1000, as per their capacities.

9. Change worn-out tires

Replacement of tires at an appropriate time is unavoidable for your and your vehicle’s safety.

All types of tires have a certain life period. After that, they become rough and more vulnerable to skidding. Especially on wet roads, weak and damaged tires can cause your vehicle to slip. As a result, you can be involved in a disastrous accident.

So you must consider replacing the wheels when they complete their usable life. Also, try to buy more skid-resistant and high-quality tires.


Good-conditioned tires will warrant your on-road safety as well as they will enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Cost involved

Tires are not much costly part of electric scooters. Their price, however, depends on their size, type, and quality.

Solid tires are the cheapest and can be purchased easily for $20 to $40. Pneumatic tires are a bit expensive and may cost $50 to $100.

10. Get repair works done as and when required

When you suffer from any disease, you start taking medicines before your condition worsens. The same applies to your vehicles or any device you own.

Commuting devices get wear and tear with time, and remedial measures are required accordingly.

If timely repairs are not done, the damages may aggravate. Consequently, the cost of restoration will climb significantly.

So never get lazy in getting repair and maintenance work done. Be it related to electrical or mechanical parts.


Being cautious about requisite minor repairs will save your expenses for major repair works. Also, it will provide your scooter with a good resale value if you want to sell it.

Cost involved

It depends on the nature of the repairs required.

Electric scooter maintenance – Final word

Maintenance is the key to getting the best value for money for any device you buy.

We have gone through all you need to do to keep your electric scooter in sound condition.

Electric scooter maintenance cost is another thing we have discussed in our article.

Follow the above electric scooter maintenance guide, and you will achieve the maximum possible life for your vehicle with top-notch performance.

It will also save a lot of your potential expenditures on random repairs.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below or contact us.

Electric scooter maintenance – FAQ

Does an electric scooter require maintenance?

Yes, it does. Just like any other vehicle.

Are electric scooters high maintenance?

Generally, they are not. Especially if we compare them with fueled scooters. E-scooters don’t have many complicated mechanical components and are comparatively easier to repair.

How much is the cost of electric scooter maintenance?

It depends on the condition and features of your scooter.

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