How to increase the electric scooter range?

Imagine how you would feel if you are commuting by an electric scooter and all of a sudden, it halts. Then after examining your vehicle frustratingly, you realize that its battery has drained up.

The level of annoyance in such a situation will depend on how far you are from your destination when your commuter leaves you helpless. And while carrying it to home or charging spot, you will definitely be pondering how to increase the electric scooter range.

So if you are also the one facing the aforementioned issue, we are here to guide you as always.

Remember that it is highly possible to boost the maximum range of an e-scooter to a significant extent. The outcome will eventually be dependent on the method you adopt.

But before probing into the techniques to maximize electric scooter range, we deem it necessary to explain a few things.

Normal range of electric scooters

The distance covered by an electric scooter on a single full charge will depend mainly on battery capacity and a few other factors. More on that later.

The maximum range of scooters from renowned brands is generally from 10 to 90 miles when completely charged.

It is normally lower for entry-level, moderate for mid-level, and pretty high for high-end products. So the more you spend, the better results you get.

Suppose you are a mid-level user and buy an electric scooter for around $1000. In such a case, a few models could deliver a mileage of up to 50 miles.

It is very important to know that the range is overstated by many manufacturers. So you must keep the factor of safety in mind before undertaking a ride.

The range is the most exaggerated parameter, even by well-known brands. So we recommend assuming it to be at least 20% less as advertised by the seller.

Also, remember that the endurance of an electric motorized scooter declines with time due to the gradual loss of battery capacity. At a certain point in time, it may become too short and you would need to replace the battery.

Factors affecting the range of an e-scooter

Before we deep dig into how to increase the electric scooter range, imparting know-how about what it depends on is very important.

Keep in mind that the mileage an electric vehicle delivers on a single charge is directly or indirectly dependent on the battery. So we recommend you learn some authentic ways to improve the battery life.

Different scooters have different ranges, but a few factors can highly affect this parameter.

1. Battery Capacity

Like any other electronic device, the battery plays a vital role in the functioning of electric scooters.

The range of an e-scooter on a single maximum charge will heavily depend on the capacity of the battery installed.

Expensive and high-end scooters mostly carry bigger batteries that last much longer. The contrary would be the case with cheap scooters.

Remember that the battery capacity of an electric scooter or any battery-operated device will decrease continuously with time. And one fine day, you will have to consider replacing the battery.

electric scooter charging

2. Track Conditions

The mileage of electric scooters varies significantly with the conditions of the terrains you are going to ride on.

Scooting on smooth and flat surfaces will cover a longer distance due to the minimum load on the motor.

But if you are traveling on rutty, uneven, or inclined ramps, the range will be considerably short. This is because the hub motor requires more power, and ultimately, electric energy on such surfaces. So the battery is likely to drain more quickly.

3. Weight of the Rider

If the e-scooter user is bulky, it will be harder for the motor to generate torque. Consequently, it will extract more power from that battery and shorten the range.

On the other hand, the motor will require less power to move the electric scooter forward if the rider is smart and slim. Therefore, more mileage is expected.

4. Speed

Moving at higher speeds demands more input from the hub motor. As a result, the battery may drain much faster.

The range will get better and better as you get slower and slower.

Many scooters from reputed brands feature a power-saving mode to extend the mileage. As soon as you switch to this mode, you will observe a significant drop in speed.

5. Climate

Many people may not be aware that extreme weather conditions can also affect the range of an electric scooter.

When a battery is exposed to an extraordinarily low temperature, especially below freezing point, the movement of its ions slows down. As a result, it can not provide power to the motor efficiently.

On the other hand, electrolytes in the batteries break down in high temperatures, so the battery’s health deteriorates.

6. Use of miscellaneous features

Many such vehicles include multiple lights. For example, there may be headlights, rear lights, indicator lights, deck lights, or all of them.

Modern LED lights are undoubtedly power-efficient, and most micromobility electric scooters carry the same. But still, turning them on for a long time can shorten the range if the battery is not very powerful.

So if you switch on more lights, the endurance is likely to be reduced. Especially if lights are brighter and have high-rated power, the effect will be much more.

Similarly, the use of Bluetooth connectivity on the scooter can also cause the battery to empty faster.

In short, the fewer additional features you use, the better mileage you get.

How to increase the electric scooter range? 13 Proven techniques

Many newbies to e-scooters may wonder if it is really possible to increase the mileage of such vehicles.

The simple answer is yes. There are several methods you can use to improve the range of your electric scooter.

These techniques vary from extremely simple to expert level. The outcome also varies accordingly.

So here we discuss all possible ways to make an electric scooter run a longer distance. We have also prepared a simple infographic to make you get things more easily.

info 1
How to increase the electric scooter range? An infographic

Easy methods (No skills or expenditure required)

1. Charge the battery to the maximum level

It is one of the easiest things you can do to maximize the e-scooter range.

Before undertaking a considerably long journey, make sure that your scooter is fully charged.

If you are charging it for the first time, you might need to do that for an extended duration. Follow the instructions by the manufacturer in this case.

But make sure you do not overcharge the battery, nor do you fully drain it. Both of these scenarios can significantly damage the battery and reduce its capacity.


2. Switch off extra features

As we explained earlier, any accessories with the scooter that consume battery can affect the mileage.

So try to use as few extra features as possible to get better results.

Turn on lights only when you really need them.

The same should be the case with Bluetooth connectivity. Switch it off as soon as you no longer need it.

3. Remove additional load

Any extra weight on the vehicle, like goods in the luggage rack, will put more load on the motor. So it will extract more power from the battery.

So removing unnecessary burdens can help you improve the range of the electric scooter.

4. Use power-saving mode

Many electric motorized scooters from well-known brands feature different operating modes. The main idea is to make the vehicle suitable for a wider range of riders under various circumstances.

The power-saving mode or eco mode is such option available in several scooters. When you turn it on, it optimizes the device so that the battery consumption gets to a minimum level.

You are likely to witness some drop in the performance of your commuter when using this mode but would surely travel for long.

5. Keep your electric scooter clean

If you are thinking about how to increase the electric scooter range, you can do this simple task to get some good results.

Many riders need to use slushy, rough, or unmetalled paths frequently. In such cases, various unwanted materials like slush, small debris, chew gums, and leaves stick to different parts of scooters.

If such materials are adhering to the axle or between wheels and fenders, they may create more friction and not let it move freely. Consequently, the performance of the scooter would decline.

Thus you can improve your e-scooter range by cleaning it regularly. You can do that using a clean and slightly wet cloth. If the machine is too much dirty, you can also wash it.

Do not forget to cover the hub motor of your scooter with some watertight cloth or sheet before washing it.

6. Lubricate the chain

If you own a chained scooter, you would need to apply lubricant or grease to its chain regularly. Otherwise, the friction might significantly affect the speed and range of your electric scooter.

The scooters without a chain mechanism usually do not require lubrication.

7. Inflate the tires appropriately

It is another simple task you can do to make your scooter run for a longer distance.

If the air pressure in tires is low, their area of contact with the ground will increase. So your scooter will be subject to more friction and require more power from the battery to move.

Therefore, proper inflation of tires can result in better speed and range simultaneously.

electric scooter tire

8. Go slower

As we discussed earlier, more speed requires more power from the battery. So to travel a longer distance, do not go as fast.

Another thing you can do is that when you achieve the desired speed, free the throttle and just coast. It will save you a lot of power. When your scooter gets too slow, twist the throttle again.

Also, if your device carries a dual motor, use only to only when you need high acceleration.

9. Use brakes smartly

Many modern e-scooters from well-known manufacturers include regenerative brakes, which can recover energy.

When the vehicle slows down, this braking system stores the dissipated kinetic energy and uses it later to recharge the battery.

So using regenerative brakes to full and backing off disk brakes can make your electric scooter run for a much longer distance.

Another thing you can do to boost the range is to check the brakes if they are not too tight to apply more load on the motor and battery.

10. Avoid wind resistance

Strong winds offer enormous resistance to scooter riders in some areas. In such a case, not only does the vehicle become sluggish, but the battery also loses its capacity more quickly.

So what you can do is position yourself appropriately to minimize the wind resistance. Turning your body sideways to a comfortable level is an effective strategy to do so.

Just repeat this process again and again, and you will get a better range.

Advanced methods (Require some budget and/ or skills)

11. Rewind the motor

Electric scooters are run by battery-based hub motors. Like other types, these motors also have a metallic wire winding.

Resistance in the winding wires increases over time, causing more energy dissipation. So the motor eventually needs more power, which makes the battery drain rapidly.

So rewinding the motor can significantly enhance the efficiency of your e-scooter.

Remember that rewinding a motor involves a lot of skill. So if you don’t have the requisite expertise, consult a technician from the market.

This method will cost you some money but will surely deliver good results in terms of range.

12. Replace the battery

It is probably the most effective method to maximize the mileage of an electric scooter.

If you look at the specifications of batteries, there are two main parameters:

  • Voltage: It is the electric potential energy delivered by the battery and measured in Volts (V).
  • Charge capacity: Shown in Ampere-hours (Ah), it is the capacity of the battery to store charge.

The former specification is related to speed, while the latter governs range.

So if the battery installed on your scooter has lost its significant capacity and fails to deliver satisfactory performance, consider replacing it with a new one.

Remember that the new battery must have a higher charge capacity (Ah) than the previous one to accomplish better mileage. Voltage is not going to matter here.

You would need to spend some amount here, but it will be worth it. You can also sell the old battery in scrap to reduce the net investment.

13. Install an additional battery

The frames of a few scooters are designed to accommodate multiple batteries. In such a case, you can install an extra battery. It can almost double up the range, depending on the battery capacity.

Adding the additional battery in parallel will deliver better results than connecting it in series.

However, many e-scooters do not have the appropriate space to keep more than one battery. In this scenario, you would need to customize the vehicles.

Customizing devices is not that easy task, so you may need to visit a nearby market and spend some bucks.

How to increase the electric scooter range? Final thoughts

To summarize, it is possible to make the electric scooter go a long distance in many ways.

As discussed above, a few simplest tricks can enhance mileage without any expenditure or expertise. Still, they can bring pretty handy results.

On the other hand, we have also talked about advanced techniques which require some budget, skills, or both. But the outcome will be worth every penny.

If you have any questions, check the FAQs or ask below in the comment section. We also welcome you to contact us at any time.

How to increase the electric scooter range? FAQ

Is it possible to increase the electric scooter range?

Yes, there are several extremely easy to highly advanced techniques you can use to make your electric scooter travel a longer distance.

Does increasing the range of electric scooters cost anything?

Maybe, or maybe not. Some methods do not need any expenditures or expertise at all. But a few of them, which deliver far better results, will require you to spend some money.

To what extent can we improve the electric scooter range?

It depends on what hack you use to do that. Methods involving modifications like replacing or adding an extra battery may also boost the mileage two times.

Which electric scooter has the longest range?

Presently, the Dualtron X2 e-scooter offers the best range of 93 miles (150 kilometers).

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