How to Make my Electric Scooter Faster?

If you’re anything like me, you would rather not wait for the bus to get to school, work, or other destinations. How to make my electric scooter faster? It is something I’m always looking for. You can make your electric scooter faster if you are willing to put a little extra effort and money into it.

The top speed of your scooter might get underwhelming for you with time. Replacement with a faster one may cost you a lot.

Let us make it clear that making an electric scooter faster is possible. In fact, you can even speed it up to twice the original speed by using some tactics. So what you can do is apply some proven methods to make your in-use device speedier.

Now many of you would be wondering if it is easy to make your electric scooter faster. The answer is yes and no. And yes, you read it right.

Various methods can be used to do the task. A few are extremely simple, and anyone can exercise them. Some of them involve modification and hence, some expenditure. Several advanced-level techniques require professional skills and a higher amount of money.

There are several easy, moderate, and hard methods for speeding up an e-scooter. The outcome would depend on how much effort you put in.

So if you have ever been looking for ways to make your scooter faster on a budget, this post might be of interest.

We are going to explain everything in detail to make our stuff more insightful.

What is a Safe Speed for an Electric Scooter?

Before pondering how to make my electric scooter faster, I must understand the safe speed limit while riding. It is because safety should be the topmost priority.

Suitable top speed would vary from rider to rider, mainly depending on his prior experience.

For kids and younger teens, the micro-mobility scooter should never go faster than 10 mph. Almost every such commuter from reputed manufacturers can comfortably achieve this speed. So making it quicker wouldn’t be desirable.

If you are grown-up, but an e-scooter has been an alien thing for you not long ago, you should never go beyond 15 mph. This speed is sufficient and safe for beginners.

Most riders who already have enough riding experience can safely ride at 25 mph or so.

Now come the thrill-lovers. A few brands are manufacturing fast-and-furious scooters for this group of adventurers. Such devices are much more costly but fulfill the desires of their riders convincingly. Presently, several high-end electric scooters as speedy as 60 mph are available.

But keep in mind that moving at anything above 30 mph needs some incredible skills. Else, you might be highly vulnerable to some serious mishap.

What Makes an Electric Scooter Slow Down?

One might wonder how an e-scooter loses its top speed with time. Of course, before learning how to make my electric scooter faster, I would try as much as possible to rectify any issue making my commuter sluggish.

We are going to enlist a few factors affecting the speed of an electric scooter negatively.

  • Poor battery health
  • Inefficient motor winding
  • High friction in the wheels
  • Deteriorated tires
  • Overloading
  • Uneven, slushy, or inclined tracks
  • Selection of the wrong mode

All these things are much more likely to slow down your scooter. Avoiding them may lead to better performance.

How to Make My Electric Scooter Faster? An Ultimate Guide

As we said earlier, there are several methods to boost the maximum speed of electric scooters.

A few of them are pretty simple and can be implemented by anyone in no time. These approaches do not need you to spend anything either.

Some other methods require significant effort. You can practice them only after having some handy skills, and they may cost you a bit.

And finally, some techniques require switching on your expert mode. You may need some technician to apply these methods if you are not that yourself. So they might be somewhat harder on your pocket.

So we are going to share with you all proven techniques to go faster and faster. We are also bringing in a comprehensive infographic to let you get things done comfortably.

how to make my electric scooter faster: infographic
How to make your electric scooter faster: An infographic

Easy Methods (No expenditure required)

First of all, do not forget to do a few things that cost you nothing and do not need any expertise either. But still, they might be beneficial.

1. Fully Charge the Battery

Although the better level has more to do with mileage, it can still affect the speed. Many e-scooters are set up in such a way that they switch to power-saving mode once the battery drains to a certain level.

The motor would not receive the requisite power to generate enough torque in such cases. As a result, your electric scooter will be likely to slow down.

In short, always charge your commuter to 100% level before starting a ride.

2. Switch off Unnecessary Features

When you are on a ride, try to turn off as many battery-consuming accessories as possible. These may include headlights, rear lights, and signals. Use them only under unavoidable conditions.

Doing this will let your battery transmit maximum power to the motor.

This action won’t speed up your e-scooter very much but would still be effective to some extent.

3. Remove any Extra Load

The top speed of electric scooters highly depends on the load they carry during the ride.

So the next thing you can do is remove all unnecessary weight from the scooter. It includes anything in the storage compartment and any accessories undesirable for your ride.

Doing this will fairly enhance the performance of your machine.

4. Inflate the Tires Adequately

Another thing I need to remember while looking for an answer to how to make my electric scooter faster is that air pressure in tires matters a lot in the performance of vehicles.

Both under-pressured and over-pressured tires are subject to more rolling resistance and slow down the commuter.

The recommended pressure may differ in different cases depending on the size of the tires. So riders may follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

In short, if your scooter features pneumatic tires, inflate them to the recommended level before beginning your journey.

5. Select the Right Mode

Not necessarily a high-end product, even if you buy an electric scooter at a reasonable price, it is likely to have multiple modes.

Many e-scooters have a mode for beginners, which restricts the speed for safety. Similarly, there are intermediate and expert modes.

In most cases, these modes are changeable through the device firmware.

So if you need to run faster, be sure that you have selected a mode that allows you to achieve the maximum speed.

The software of a few scooters also has an option to limit the speed. So don’t forget to disable any such option if enabled.

6. Clean Different Parts

One of the easiest things you can do to speed up your electric scooter is to keep your vehicle neat and clean. Check it after a few rides to assess where cleanliness is required.

Wheels matter the most in the context of speed. There might be some mud, debris, leaves, or a mixture of them stuck to the wheels, especially after riding on muddy and dirty tracks.

These adhesive materials increase the wheel resistance considerably, and therefore, it is necessary to remove them.

So clean the wheels thoroughly using a partially wet duster so that no substance is sticking to the wheels anymore.

Also, clear the motor using an air-blower from time to time to enhance its performance.

Moderately Difficult Methods (Some expenditure required)

Now let’s talk about a few other techniques of intermediate level that are more effective than what we discussed above. However, you would need to spend some money on their application.

7. Upgrade the Battery

Every battery, rechargeable or not, comes with two basic specifications.

  • Capacity: Charge storage capacity is measured in Ampere-hours (AH), while energy storage capacity is indicated in Watt-hours (Wh). Both of these capacities determine the range (mileage) of the electric scooter on a single charge.
  • Voltage: It is the electric potential energy provided by the battery to the motor and is represented in Volts (V). This factor governs the motor power, and eventually, the speed.
electric scooter battery
An electric scooter battery

So if you want to make your electric scooter faster, enhancing its battery is a fantastic option.

As explained above, make sure that the new battery features better Voltage (not the capacity) to enhance the speed. If it also carries a better capacity, your mileage will also increase as a bonus.

8. Use Multiple Batteries

Apart from replacing the battery, you can also install more than one battery to get superior performance.

An electric vehicle slows down with the depletion of battery, So if you install multiple batteries, you can make your e-scooter go faster and run at a more steady speed.

Some e-scooters have dedicated slots for more than one battery. If yours is the same, installing a new battery will be simplistic.

Otherwise, you will need to connect two or more batteries through a connector and fit them in the frame at some suitable place. This procedure is somewhat tricky, and if you don’t have the required skills, you will need the assistance of a professional.

9. Replace the Tires

Principles of physics reveal that the wheels with a bigger diameter cover more distance in a given time at the same torque and vice versa. So replacement of tires can be useful for speeding up the vehicles.

So if the frame of your electric scooter can accommodate larger tires, just go ahead and make your electric scooter go faster. You will need to spend some money, but it will definitely be worth it.

electric scooter tire

If your scooter does not have pneumatic tires, installing them can be more beneficial. They offer a much firmer road grip than solid tires and ultimately a smoother ride.

10. Replace the Sprockets

This method is valid if you own a chain-based scooter. The chain is mounted on two sprockets. If you make the front sprocket larger than the rear, your e-scooter will run faster.


Sprockets are easily available in markets at fair prices. So you can buy one and get it installed by a technician with much cost implications.

Hard Methods (Require expenditure and/ or skills)

And finally, some expert-level hacks are hard to implement, but the outcome is spectacular. These ways will require some decent skills, expenditure of a significant amount, or both. But again, the results will undoubtedly be the best.

11. Disconnect the Speed Limiter

Most modern e-scooters include a speed-limiting wire that connects the controller and motor. Its function is to keep the speed within specified limits to ensure safety and avoid any legal issues.

This wire regulates the operation of the motor by controlling its power supply. You can find it at various locations, depending on the model of the scooter. A few vehicles have it near the throttle, while some carry it in the front part of the deck.

You can locate this wire by consulting the product manual or enquiring from the manufacturer.

Once you have found the speed limiter wire, you can unplug it using its clip.

Now your machine will run at a much higher speed. Doing this trick may even boost the speed up to a hundred percent in some cases.

12. Replace the Motor

The hub motor plays a vital part in maintaining the speed of an electric scooter by producing torque.

Every motor has a specific power that is measured in Watts. The more powerful the motor, the higher will be the speed.

So you can replace your scooter’s motor with a more powerful one. Not only will it make your electric scooter go faster, but it will also improve its performance on rough and inclined paths.

How to make my electric scooter faster? Install a more powerful motor
Electric scooter motor

Many fast electric scooters include a dual motor mechanism to extract high performance. So you can also go for a pair of motors, provided that they are compatible with each other.

It is comprehensible that installing a bigger or more than one motor will also demand a battery upgrade.

But keep in mind that you would need to spend lots of bucks to do that. We also recommend hiring a skillful technician for motor replacement in case you don’t have the required expertise.

13. Rewind the Motor

Almost all electric types of equipment start losing their efficiency gradually after a certain period. The same stands true for motors.

Besides, the torque generated by a motor is directly proportional to the number of windings.

I must keep this fact in mind to apprehend how to make my electric scooter faster.

After using your electric scooter for a couple of years or so (depending on the product quality), you might feel it slowing down consistently even after battery replacement. If it is so, the problem lies with the motor.

Now, what is the most suitable solution to this problem? There are two things you can do.

Firstly, you can replace the hub motor altogether as we explained earlier. However, this approach may prove to be quite costly.

The second option is to rewind the motor. It needs some good competence and the aid of a good mechanic in most cases. But it is for sure that you will have to spend much less money than replacing the motor.

The resistance of the winding coil increases over time. As a result, the energy dissipation rises, and the motor not only heats up but also keeps losing its working capability.

So make sure to rewind the motor in such a way that the number of windings is much higher than the previous one.

After rewinding with a new low-resistance coil and providing more windings, the motor will produce a better torque and consequently a much higher speed.

14. Upgrade the Controller

This hack also requires some mastery, but it is very effective, nevertheless.

Sometimes, the motor operating a scooter does not run at its maximum possible efficiency. The culprit, in this case, is the controller. It does not let the motor receive power from the battery beyond a certain limit.

All you can do in this case is install a new controller on your scooter. You can check the availability of a compatible controller from the market,

If you don’t know how to implement the procedure, consult an experienced technician.

You may also need customized software to operate the new controller. The seller can confirm all about it.

How to Make My Electric Scooter Faster? Conclusion

In short, there are a number of ways with different difficulty levels to enhance the speed of an electric scooter.

Methods that do not involve any modification can be used by anyone at any time.

The tougher methods will cost you but would be way more effective.

Last but not least, be sure that the maximum speed you are going to achieve is within safe limits and easily handleable for you before taking any action we talked about.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to comment in the section below.

How to make my electric scooter faster? FAQ

Why does my electric scooter run slower?

There might be single or multiple reasons. Loss of battery capacity, overloading, deteriorated motor, and use of battery-consuming accessories are often the main causes.

Is it really possible to speed up my electric scooter?

It surely is. There are many ways with different difficulty levels, from routine maintenance to major modifications to make the scooter go faster.

How much does it cost to speed up an e-scooter?

It depends. A few hacks do not need any expenditure. But methods involving modifications will need you to spend some money. More costs will be incurred for more effective techniques.
Roughly speaking, it may cost from absolutely nothing to $2500.

Can I make my electric scooter faster at home?

Yes, you can. But how much? It will depend on your expertise. But for motor rewinding or replacement and other similar things needing specialized skills, you would need to visit the market.

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  1. I have a 09 scooter for some reason I think I might need a new battery I can see it on my controller even if I fully charge it and I’m going 5 miles it decreases excessively. Should I replace the battery and the motor I already have 1600 miles on it.

    • 1600 miles travel doesn’t warrant motor replacement as long as there are no unexpected or accidental damages. Hub motors from such renowned brands can easily serve up to 3000 miles without any decline in performance.
      So the issue is likely to lie in the battery. Just get and install a new one, preferably with better voltage, and you will witness satisfactory results.
      However, if you wanna scoot much faster and have a good amount to spend, you can go for a more powerful motor.
      All the best.


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